Re: [Usability] Gnome Research - Sociological Survey Published

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 11:58 PM, Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:
I have a few comments on the survey if it's not too late.

I also know you didn't ask for feedback, so I apologize if I'm providing unwanted feedback.

Every feedback is welcomed.
Which country are you from?
Can we put a link to someplace where the codes are?

I don't know it the form will parse the links but even if it parses them they would be too big as text length. I will try to find something in the help but probably it will remain like that.
How often do you check your emails?
Should be "How often do you check your email?" and I think those options are pretty low. It might be more useful to say weekly, daily, multiple times a day, continuously.

Right now modifying options is not a variant because a lot of people has already filled the survey. On the other hand I can make small changes to the questions as you suggested.
Which of these devices communicate well with GNOME?
This question was a bit confusing to me. If my desktop is running GNOME, I don't really talk about it communicating with GNOME. It works well or doesn't. (I understand the phone or the camera communicating with GNOME.)

I have written an explanation below the question that explains communicate as integrate or connect depending on the context.

Are you asking if I do too many steps? I don't think I'm repeating myself but sometimes I feel as if they are too buried.

It might be like you say or doing the same action many times (e.g. Edit > Insert or Edit > Format)

I didn't know what this question meant.

That is referring to the recent discussion here (gnome usability list) about New Menubar. I tried to explain it as simple as possible. This search is similar to type to show or autocomplete with more options and better visualisation of results.

P.S. Vadim I have fixed the typo. Thank you for mentioning it.


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