Re: [Usability] Gnome Research - Sociological Survey Published

I have a few comments on the survey if it's not too late.

I also know you didn't ask for feedback, so I apologize if I'm providing unwanted feedback.


Which country are you from?
Can we put a link to someplace where the codes are?

How often do you check your emails?
Should be "How often do you check your email?" and I think those options are pretty low. It might be more useful to say weekly, daily, multiple times a day, continuously.

How many emails do you write a day
Should be "how many email messages do you write a day"

Which of these devices communicate well with GNOME?
This question was a bit confusing to me. If my desktop is running GNOME, I don't really talk about it communicating with GNOME. It works well or doesn't. (I understand the phone or the camera communicating with GNOME.)

Are you asking if I do too many steps? I don't think I'm repeating myself but sometimes I feel as if they are too buried.

I didn't know what this question meant.



On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 1:20 PM, Vadim Peretokin <vperetokin gmail com> wrote:
And people being forced to use windows in the work enviroment, but gnome being just good enough?

(sorry... if it's too late to raise this, then it's fine)

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