[Usability] Looking for an Open Source Project Contact for Usability Studies

Hi There,

my name is Max Möllers and I am a German phd student from RWTH Aachen University. In the summer semester (i.e. starting next weeks), we are going to evaluate and redesign existing open source software during our lab sessions and I am still in need for one last project. The goal is to deliver a flat UI skeleton that will be coded in the software's UI Toolkit, so that the students can focus on the design, but the developer's can easily adapt their software. Primary criteria for the project selection is a large user base - I do not like spending the student's time in developing software that (nearly) noone will use after half a year anymore. So if you are/know of any developer of such a project who is willing to answer some questions from time to time and is interested in usability, just drop me a line.



p.s. yes I heard of openusability.org but seems as if they are not around anymore.

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