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On 14 Oct 2008, at 11:20, Allan Day wrote:

Hey all,

I'd really like to see some consistency in the way tabs are implemented in GNOME applications. I've started reviewing existing Bugzilla discussions about tabs and summarising them here: . I'm hoping that, once this is done, it might be possible to develop some common guidelines.

If this task is a) futile and/or b) dumb, could someone please tell me?!

This is probably something that ought to be added to the the design patterns that are starting to be developed out of last week's usability hackfest:


(There are a few more contenders at < >... damn wikis and their sprawling disorganisation!)

Ultimately, though, much of the functionality that apps are currently adding should be embedded in the widget itself. So an important part of this work will be working with the gtk+ folks to ensure that the notebook widget gets any additional features that we decide it needs.


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