Re: [Usability] Standard keyboard shortcut for opening a new tab?

I've been working on trying to develop some guidelines on tabs for a
little while now. (So far, I've been concentrating on summarising
previous discussions and current implementations.) Haven't had much time
recently, but I do consider the work to be ongoing.

There's a wiki page on [1]. It's a little unwieldy at the
moment, I'm afraid. My next job is to summarise what's there into
something short and meaningful (I'm hoping to do that some time this
week, actually).



On Tue, 2008-11-25 at 03:09 -0500, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> In Ubuntu, we recently had a bug filed about Gedit not using ctrl+t to
> open a new tab[1].  After consulting the HIG, we see that this isn't one
> of the standard keyboard shortcuts.  Should it be?  Tabs are becoming
> increasingly common in applications (even Nautilus has them now), so
> maybe this is something that should be standardized in the next HIG
> revision.  Does standardizing ctrl+t for "new tab" sound like a good
> idea to anyone else?
> [1]
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