[Usability] application names in the application menu


im writing this mail because i am very confused (and no, it is just
now ;) ). 

in cheese we plan to change the description of the application menu
entry, as it is somehow misleading. we want to change it to "Take photos
and videos with your webcam".

so far everything seems to be alright. but as vincent untz said on [1]

"We try hard to not put the name of the programs in the menus, for many
reasons. It doesn't translate well, for example."

as we would change our description the application menu entry would look

Cheese - Take photos and videos with your webcam

recently, i showed some pupils the gnome desktop and what i noticed was,
that they even didnt know what "Cheese" meaned, or what program would
open if he had clicked on it. this wasnt only on cheese, but also on
epiphany, dasher, and others (some choose their name like "[name]
[small description]", e.g. f-spot photo manager, which is more
understandable, even if the program name doesnt make sense for a person,
which is new to gnome). They just could figure it out, by interpreting
the icon.

now i learned, that it was very confusing to have names like nautilus,
epiphany, cheese for a guy, who hears those names for the first time. so
it would be better to have menu entries like "Texteditor" (gedit) or
"Document viewer" (evince). but then, who would know how the application
should be called? how could he then submit a bug report to _that_
program? how can the person find the projects website on a search
engine? is a program name senseless?

please clarify this issue for me ;) 

[1]: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=512091

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