Re: [Usability] time stamps and privacy

Op dinsdag 25-03-2008 om 18:45 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Caleb
> Ah, now I understand this better. Thanks for clearing it up.

> >   I have some sensitive images on media. I am on the road
> >   and I use a guest account on a third party’s computer to
> >   access a file on that media. Thumbnails are generated and
> >   left behind on the third party computer to be harvested!
> >   I wonder how many users are aware of this potential
> >   security risk, and if there is a way to prevent it.

This reminds me of the infamous Trash problem, where deleting a file on
removable media wouldn't really delete it but throw it in a local .Trash
folder instead. This may have been fixed in 2.22, 

Back on topic, I recently read another thread about purging the
thumbnails cache after a certain period. The solution to the problem
brought up here should IMHO be that thumbnails of files on removable
devices _can_ be created but that they should always be purged
_immediately_ after it is disconnected. More generally speaking,
thumbnails of inaccessible files on any volume should be purged, just
with a lower priority.

Did anyone file a bug yet?

Reinout van Schouwen

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