Re: [Usability] Creating links on desktop

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 13:02 +0530, My Own Linux wrote:
> 2. Its much faster to right click and say Create File > OpenOffice
> Word document, give a name and then start writing.

It is actually possible to do this in nautilus, even if it's a bit
hidden. Try the following:

* Open OpenOffice Writer and save an empty document.

* Open nautilus, choose "Go" -> "Templates" in the menu, and move the
empty document file there. Rename to something meaningful, like
"OpenOffice Writer Document.odt".

Now, there should be an "OpenOffice Writer Document" entry in nautilus'
"Create Document" that simply copies the file in the Templates directory
to the current folder and prompts you for the new file's name (the .odt
extension of the template file is automatically added).


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