Re: [Usability] New dialog for handling file conflicts in Nautilus - UI review request

Calum Benson wrote:

> On 23 Apr 2008, at 22:03, Cosimo Cecchi wrote:

> >
> >

The line after the headline isn't necessary; it doesn't give any new info.

The action buttons at the bottom of a dialog should refer to the whole
dialog. Rename doesn't. You would have to disable it until the user edits 
that entry. It would be better to have no disclosure and no entry and to 
have a second step if .

Skip would be the safe default.

> I'd like to see even more in the way of progressive disclosure, so by  
> default it might look more like this quick mockup:
> < 

I disagree specifically in the case of images. From my own experience,
thumbnails are much more informative than filenames. There are many
images with completely meaningless names. At the least thumbnails  
allow to imediately see whether the images are unrelated or the same/
So I think for images, almost everyone's firsts tep would be to hit that 
disclosure triangle ...

> Note that in this version, the message states whether the file being  
> replaced is older or newer (or neither). This is probably all the  
> information that most users will need to make the decision most of the  
> time.

Strongly agree.

Also as you say, showing filetype is unnecessary

> One big question is what to do if the files are not pictures, which  
> are easy to visually compare.  If they're sound files, should we allow  
> them to preview the sounds?  If they're text files, should there be a  
> way to see the diffs?  Even if they are pictures, the differences may  
> well be too small to see at thumbnail size anyway.  So I wonder how  
> useful any visual preview will actually be in practice.

Yes, with sounds there should be auditioning. Luxury edition: waveform
views. Yes also to diffs (open in Meld?).

> Most of my thoughts were around the Rename section, see
> < 
>  >.  In this mockup:
> - You get the choice to rename either the original file or the copy.   
> Maybe this is overkill, but it doesn't affect the rest of my comments  
> either way...

I don't think it's overkill. But you could have 2 entries (and Reset 
buttons), no radio buttons.

About renaming and applying to all: Somewhere I saw options 
to do search and replace or to prepend or append to filenames in  
case of conflicts.

But what if filenames wouldn't have to be unique in a directory? ;)

Thorsten Wilms

Unbegrenzter Speicher, Top-Spamschutz, 120 SMS und eigene E-MailDomain inkl.

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