[Usability] default titlebar button layout [was: preferences windows, window preferences]

On 5/22/07, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt myrealbox com> wrote:
(I've rearranged them for myself, because having the close button right
next to the others is stupid. But I think that's an argument for having
a better default arrangement, not for making the customization easier.)

I imagine this is the kind of thing that would annoy users simply
because it is change, but which is probably beneficial enough to
change at some point anyway.  I *hate* accidentally clicking maximize
when I want a window closed.  ;-)  Anyway, I wonder if we should make
a tracker bug about little things like this to change and then do them
all at once.  Anyone know of a relevant case for whether users tend to
be happier about lots of changes once or lots of little interface
changes over time?

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