Re: [Usability] In short, I hate windows.

On Mon, 2007-01-01 at 23:20 -0500, Jacob Beauregard wrote:

> Using tabs/frames to a desktop environment rather than windows.
> This would be a step to optimize the navigation between different 
> applications by a user.
> Frames are most optimal for multitasking and tabs are most optimal for 
> navigating between tasks.
> I would love being able to use tabs to navigate between different 
> applications. I would also love being able to use frames while using 
> multiple applications at the same time. The implementation of tabs would 
> probably be much easier than the implementation of frames in regards to 
> mobility.

A simple way to approximate your idea would be by using virtual
desktops. For instance, you could make your IM buddy list show up on all
your desktops, then run a single application in the remaining space on
each virtual desktop.

A tab/frame solution like the one you describe is highly unlikely to
ever be part of the GNOME project, but as others point out, you could
try to mix and match with a "foreign" window manager.

Hans Petter

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