[Usability] How do you organize your desktop environment?

To follow your lead...
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Ways to make it easier to organize as we often do.
Let's study the way we organize in a common desktop environment to spawn
ideas on how to improve the usability of a desktop environment.

I too use most things on the right and feel someone uncomfortable when
the tool bar or chatting window is on the left.  The only time I don't
mind is when there is more than one bar... then it becomes useful to put
them on both sides to balance the screen(so to say).

I agree, I too only switch between the larger veiw.  Wouldn't it be nice
to be able to switch only between those.  But that sounds way to
specialized.  I say we use the always on top feature.  And start
creating "Maximize to available space options.

I use smaller windows, but end up moving them to look nice with the
other small windows.

I do too UNLESS there are other aplications running.  Would it be nice
to have the system automatically go to full screen if there are no
windows in the task bar?

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