Re: [Usability] [Fwd: New beeps in gtk]

Jason Brower wrote:

I think it is very required... here is why:
When I do undo's for example.  I may have many steps that I want to undo
that I may not even see in the formating.  Some mistakes are outside the
area of my view.  Now I could wait for a long time a presume they are
done.  But I think having the beep lets me know that it is "complete".
I do see your point of view though.  It's just that some products, you
can't see what your undoing all the time.
Um, I can see your point too. But "beep because some products
don't tell you they are doing something" is not a solution in this
case, those products won't even disable Undo menu item :)

I forgot to mention an important thing. These new beeps are really
brand new, available in GTK from CVS. It's whole new beeping
experience waiting to get out. Sorry for forgetting this not so
minor detail, there's too much stuff in my head.

As for the other...
My mother depends on the beep and feels better knowing that the computer
is telling her it is the end of the document.  As for KDE they may
aproach it with a popup window stating "You have reached the end of the
document. Would you like to insert a carrage return?" and Show you and
OK or Cancel. (JK KDE team!)
Do you see my point?
Yes, but not quite. In what exactly situations and what applications
does your mother depend on beep? As far as I know only Wordpad
on windows beeps when you press an arrow key at the beginning/end
of the document. I believe I also heard some funny beeps in some ancient
toolkit, Tk or something like that. As to KDE, they don't beep when you
press Ctrl-Z, but Ctrl-Z invokes Undo action in their entries ;)

Best regards,

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