Re: [Usability] And idea about sound....

On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 13:13 +0200, Jason Brower wrote:
> NO I don't.  As with many people, they don'thave any control of the
> sound as the computer is turning on.  That is why I feel it is needed.

I'm surprised: I've never seen a laptop without a volume key on it
somewhere (my laptops have all had hardware volume keys, and my wife's
el-cheapo laptop has a Fn-combination for volume and mute).

Or, do you mean that your volume keys only emit key events and don't
control the mixer, so pressing mute whilst the system is booting does
nothing?  You can turn off the gdm started sound in the gdm preferences
if that is the case.  I *think* that gdm starts enough of the GNOME
layers that the volume controls work to mute the other sounds, but as I
have hardware volume keys I can't test that.

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