Re: [Usability] improving alarm productivity

Matthew Nuzum wrote:
bug #409805

I filled this bug, but I can't help but wonder if it is a bug or a
design decision. In MS Outlook 2003 and some earlier versions, when
b: repeatedly snoozing alarms, which is what did with Outlook, but
hoping and praying that I don't have to reboot my computer (and, by
the way, if I snooze an alarm for 1 hour, the next time it pops up,
it's default snooze time is set back to 5 min, where as in Outlook,
the default time would be 1 hour, so I can continually post-pone my
reminders in Outlook 1 hour at a time with just one click)

I really hope this behaviour is not by design ;-)

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