Re: [Usability] desktop lacks "Display properties" or "Screensaver - Power" options on right-click context menu

On 4/22/07, Ross Burton <ross burtonini com> wrote:
I disagree.  What are the use-cases here?

- User frequently changes resolution.

If you find yourself frequently changing resolution is there
xrandr-applet, which puts a drop-down list of available resolution on
the panel.

- Something about "power saving".

gnome-power-manager handles this automatically, and is configured via
the icon on the panel.

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Hi all,
        ok, see the thing is simple. The panel is too full to accommodate 2 more icons. In fact I'm of the opinion that we need to somehow open up the right-click context menu so users should be able to put any capplets/launchers they use quite a bit. A lot of people like me who come from windows would be looking for things in familiar places. The modesetting display capplet in notification tray, the whole of display properties so one can change things on the fly, seeing a movie, seeing a .pdf etc. hence atleast to me it makes sense. I find it extremely challenging to traverse through 3 menus in order to get a simple thing done, hence if the display capplet is there which has everything from brightness, contrast, resolution-modesetting, themes etc. it would be pretty cool & convenient. I have seen quite a few people in the various distros. who are interested in this.
          Shirish Agarwal
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