[Usability] GTK ComboBox

Problems with the GTK ComboBox:

Their behavior is set to put the default option under the mouse, correct?

However, there are many, many instances in which visibility and availability 
of many other options is more important than the default option being readily 

Let's say there is a combo box towards the bottom of a window. This combo box 
does not show all of the options because of the behavior of the default 
option being under the mouse. The options are available, however, not visible 
and certainly not immediately at hand.

Keep in mind, that very often the default option will be the one displayed in 
the combo box. The user will click the combo box most frequently in an effort 
to modify the default option. The default option is frequently displayed at 
the top, though if it were at the bottom, people would be having problems 
using it at the top of the screen. This is frustrating and has, in fact, been 
reported as a bug many times.

Does anyone hear me out?

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