Re: Novell Start menu [was Re: [Usability] Thoughts on GNOME and DTP]

> There was no consensus on whether to make it the default in 2.16 or
> not. As the code is not yet available in GNOME CVS, reaching a consensus
> is a bit difficult to do. The design is not meant to copy the XP start
> menu. It is based on several iterations of usability testing on real
> users in our lab. The discussion on desktop-devel-list was less about
> the actual applet, and more about the fact that it was not openly
> developed in GNOME cvs. I am sure a real discussion about whether to
> include it in the gnome-panel package and make it the default, will
> come soon enough. Until then, it is folly for someone uninvolved in the
> development of the applet or the discussion for whether to include it,
> to claim that it is highly unlikely to become the default.

IF Novell develops an, at the moment, closed source start menu
    AND users say it might suck
    AND Novell (and/or any of its employees) doesn't like users complaining
THEN maybe
    Novell should give read access to their SCMS
    Novell sucks it up

mvh Björn

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