Re: [Usability] Copy & paste problem

Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> This is true -- however, the existence of the PRIMARY
> system does have an impact on users, because across
> all GTK application windows, there can be only one
> selection. This breaks users' expectations of what an
> application is, because something they do in one
> window can affect the state of selection in another.
> There's a bug open for this, but most solutions
> suggested so far are looking at ways to highlight the
> selection considered for PRIMARY in some way, and
> nothing proposed so far is entirely satisfactory.

Has it been proposed that PRIMARY holds the most recent selection, but
making a new selection does not deselect the previous one?  This seems
to be the closest match to expectations, while keeping interference
between PRIMARY and clipboard to a minimum.

Is there anything unsatisfactory about this?

> Could there be a way to combine the two systems?

Is there any need to?

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