[Usability] Re: Mini UI reviews

Thanks Calum,

Since my brother, Behnam 'ZWNJ' Esfahbod, have been playing with
gucharmap recently, and tweaking the About dialog and other UI
too, I will leave it to him to work on the UI review with you.
He's on a trip to the end of the weekend, but I belieave 17UTC
suits him almost every day. CCed.


On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Calum Benson wrote:

> Okay, so last week I asked over on desktop-devel if there was scope for
> a 2.14 UI review process, like we used to do in the good/bad old days :)
> Consensus was it was a bit late to be doing a full one, given that it
> wasn't announced earlier, we're past UI freeze, and the docs guys have a
> job to do.
> Anyway, I suggested that we do a small round of reviews anyway, for
> those maintainers who expressed an interest, and try our luck at getting
> as many tidy-ups into those apps as we can for 2.14, with docs+release
> team approval.  Nobody objected :)
> The apps whose maintainers who've expressed an interest in a UI review
> are:
> - gnome-screensaver (jon)
> - gucharmap (behdad)
> - gedit (paolo)
> - sound juicer (ross)
> We usually do these things on IRC; I suggest we look at one app per day
> next week, on #ui-review.  As I'm in Ireland, about the only useful time
> slots I can promise to be around would be 1700 UT/0900 PST, or 2300
> UT/1500 PST, but other people are welcome to lead the discussions if I
> can't make it :)
> Would those times suit the relevant maintainers?  Any days next week
> good/bad for reviewing your app?  We can do it without you around, but
> it's always better if you are.
> Everyone else, of course, is welcome to come along and contribute... if
> you haven't participated before, the purpose is to do a quick review of
> apps for HIG and terminology compliance, and for any accessibility
> issues (especially keynav and theming problems).  It's *not* a new
> feature brainstorming session :)
> Thoughts/comments?
> Cheeri,
> Calum.


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