[Usability] Mini UI reviews

Okay, so last week I asked over on desktop-devel if there was scope for
a 2.14 UI review process, like we used to do in the good/bad old days :)
Consensus was it was a bit late to be doing a full one, given that it
wasn't announced earlier, we're past UI freeze, and the docs guys have a
job to do.

Anyway, I suggested that we do a small round of reviews anyway, for
those maintainers who expressed an interest, and try our luck at getting
as many tidy-ups into those apps as we can for 2.14, with docs+release
team approval.  Nobody objected :)

The apps whose maintainers who've expressed an interest in a UI review

- gnome-screensaver (jon)
- gucharmap (behdad)
- gedit (paolo)
- sound juicer (ross)

We usually do these things on IRC; I suggest we look at one app per day
next week, on #ui-review.  As I'm in Ireland, about the only useful time
slots I can promise to be around would be 1700 UT/0900 PST, or 2300
UT/1500 PST, but other people are welcome to lead the discussions if I
can't make it :)

Would those times suit the relevant maintainers?  Any days next week
good/bad for reviewing your app?  We can do it without you around, but
it's always better if you are.

Everyone else, of course, is welcome to come along and contribute... if
you haven't participated before, the purpose is to do a quick review of
apps for HIG and terminology compliance, and for any accessibility
issues (especially keynav and theming problems).  It's *not* a new
feature brainstorming session :)



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