Re: [Usability] Drag and drop in Web browsers

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>  More to the point,
> apart from dragging text into a textarea, there's been no situation
> where you could drag stuff *from one browser window into another*, which
> is what would make panels useful.

This is not true.  For example, try dragging the icon to the left of the
Location bar that represents the current Web page onto the bookmark
menu, or into a gnome-terminal :-) or into a browser window.

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 17:47 +0100, John Keller wrote:
> This is very much a corner-case example, but I seem to remember a
> web-based bookmarking system that allowed you to use drag-and-drop to
> create a new bookmark.

Netscape, Mozilla, IE, allow you to use drag and drop to create
and manage bookmarks.  (I think galeon might too, but
can't try right now)

> As I said, very much a corner case.
Actually I'd say that for people used to environments that make
heavy use of drag and drop it's pretty "obvious".

E.g. in MS Windows, dragging a file icon onto the task bar will make
the corresponding program open the file.  Dragging an icon onto a
menu bar opens the menu and invokes the item with the dragged data...
and Mozilla Firefox at least does the same sort of thing in Linux.


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