[Usability] GNOME need a big usability update

Hello with all, I am new in the project of utilisability of GNOME.
First thing to be made:  to explain which I am.

I am consultant as councils for the direction of companies, in all spheres of activities.

as some understood well, 2006 will be revolving in the office operating systems.
Mac OSX(TM) has join x86 architecture. Windows Vista(TM) will be launched this year. Snd the companies are increasingly conscious of the interest of free softwares.

In this way GNOME can be an interesting desktop environment for common users, if it can correct its mistakes of youth.

To come simply to essence, GNOME is a project which does not have an abstracting service of the users needs, nor of a ergonomics service based on the analysis of information given by common users.

Accordingly GNOME cannot claim with efficiency, but with the effectiveness of its environment.

To make simple and direct, GNOME currently is not efficient, but effective.
This comparison is valid only towards the Windows environment.

Actually if GNOME wishes to follow the road to efficient, the reflexion must "start" from a mix between Mac OSX and NeXT environment (sorry, but Mac OSX and NeXT, separately, are not efficients, but effectives only).
But before any reflexion, GNOME must be able to be known which are the needs and requirements of the current users.

I am not reinventing the world in my corner, but simply to make become aware with those which will read me that:  "when one cannot beat his enemy, one imitates it to do better than him".

Free software must open his eyes now, and understand that his next step to evolution is by using the same weapons than his "enemies".

I think that my approach can appear aggressive and wound some people, but all the readers of this message must realize from today that the 21st century will be marked by the communautarism in the computer field and the free availability of tools.

GNOME must be able to take this orientation of front, and to seek even more the purity of the interface to maximize the effectiveness of its environment.

If some don't understand, you must know that the Darwin's theory of evolution is applicable to the development of free software.  And so today if I seek to make react the community, it is that GNOME has the potential to be revolutionist, only if it manages to break this confused universe between developers/programmers and users.

"The one which drives a car is not 99,99% of time the one which conceived it."

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