Re: [Usability] A (rather long) list of GNOME usability issues

--- Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
> > Problem: A folder is a window. Unless it's a
> symlink, then a folder is
> > multiple windows.
> > Suggestion: Treat links to folders like the
> original folder.
> > 
> > sounds about right, an issue to for the Nautilus
> developers I guess.
> No, no, no! :). We've changed the behavior multiple
> times forth and back
> in the past because people are never satisfied. The
> conclusion was that
> symlinks are more or less handled transparently on
> your shell as well.
> ln -s foo bar && cd bar/ pretends that bar is a
> hierarchy on its own,
> and that's what I think the symlinks are supposed to
> do. If you want
> shortcuts, use the "Create Launcher..."
> functionality (for now only
> available on the desktop :/)

Yes, a symlink pretends to be a different hierarchy.
But a graphical environment introduces further

I can have two windows for bar/, with different
backgrounds and visual settings.
In spatial terms, they look like different places.
but when I delete a file from one, it's gone from the

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