Re: [Usability] Deep thoughts and proposal on the awful trashcan/eject

Jason Hoover wrote:
Why is it, that when nautilus discovers, even knows, what the user is
trying to do, that it tells the user "You shouldn't do that. you should
do this instead"?

This generally leads me, and others, I'm sure, to the same question
almost every time; "Why the hell not?"

Perhaps the only time a program should do that is when there is a faster way of doing the same thing -- in which case telling you what it is will save you time in the long run.

The problem here is that there *is* no faster way of doing the same thing. Using the shortcut menu can be faster if you (1) know that it exists, (2) are using a multiple-button mouse (rather than a trackpad or a single-button mouse), and (3) are using an OS that has a Trash icon on the desktop rather than the Fitt's-friendly applet used in Ubuntu. But for many people one or more of those things won't be true.

Even if there was a faster way, dragging to the Trash should do what you mean *as well as* telling you what the faster way is. For example:
|                                                  |
| ,---.  The volume "jason 2005" has been ejected. |
| | i |                                            |
| '---'  You can eject a volume more quickly by    |
|        clicking the ⏏ button in the corner of   |
|        its icon.                                 |
|                                                  |
|                                       ((  OK  )) |

Matthew Thomas

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