[Usability] 2.8 feedback

I can't tell you how dissapointed i was when i fired up gnome 2.8 in debian 
sarge just to find out you still haven't implimented any kind of visual 
feedback to the user when they click on a desktop icon to let them know the 
app is loading..  Geesshhh...  how long is it going to take to get THAT 
little item working?  i read an article way back just before 2.4 (i think) 
that this was a major thing you were going to fix.  Another immediate problem 
is the lack of desktop text configuration options...  I'm stuck with some 
text color of 'gnomes' likeing depeding on the background.  Now what's THAT 
about?  What if I prefer yellow text with some kind of dark gray background?   
How the world do I do that?  And, on the subject of backgrounds.  You still 
don't have an image 'preview' so I can view the images as I'm browsing them.  
Soooo..  i have to use another application to view them, make notes on ones 
I'd like to 'maybe' use as backgrounds, then go back and use one of the gnome 
desktop options to change it and HOPE it looks as good as I had hoped.  On 
top to that, I have to do that for ALL the images I had identified as 
potential desktops.  I would be inclined to use gnome more if you would 
make it a little more user 'useful' ...  To be COMPLETELY honest, i 
wonder ....  never mind...  it's not worth getting my panties in a wad over..  

I'll just keep using fluxbox and dream of the day when Gnome is really user 
'useful' as KDE...

ps:  don't get me wrong, I don't use kde because of the QT libs but they do 
have desktop and application configuration issues that should motivate you 
every day to try and atleast catch up SOME..


.. Now, a little humor compliments of Linux Fortune...

Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.

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