Re: [Usability] GtkEntryCompletion: Popup Completion Window on Paste?

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Daniel Borgmann wrote:

you are pasting. In Epiphany's case however, the popup is also used to
let you _select_ between different methods to handle the text (selecting
search engines), which occasionally can be useful/required after pasting

Good point. That would be nice behaviour, I also find myself often editing a URL just to get the dropdown.

Maybe the most sane option would be to bring back the arrow button
(as much as I dislike it) to show at least the possible search
engines/smart bookmarks. Or special case this situation and always show
the popup for search engines after pasting. If both is not desired,
maybe at least a hidden key combination could be added to bring up the
popup (something like shift+downarrow).

Hidden keycombo's are generally frowned upon, see for instance bug 117650. Bringing back the arrow button might just be a worthwile idea.


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