Re: [Usability] HIG Updates

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 15:29, Steven Garrity wrote:

> I'm going to make some updates to the screenshot for the HIG, but I have 
> a few questions as I've never worked on the HIG before:
> - Is there any kind of release schedule?

Not as yet.  We've been talking about moving to a "send out what we've
got every six months" model to somewhat mirror the GNOME schedule, but
at the moment we just do a new release when we think there's enough new
stuff to warrant it.

> How/when to changes in CVS get 
> reflected in the live/current/official version?

Not until we do a release.  But the draft version is always available on
the website too, and reflects CVS changes immediately.

> - Is there a recommendation on theme/icons/font-settings?

Yes, the default theme/fonts are supposed to be used for all screenshots
(which IIRC currently means Simple theme, Bitstream Vera Sans 12 font). 
Unfortunately that means we still have a whole lot of images that use
Crux, because we haven't updated them yet :/

> - Anything else I should know?

Any notable changes/additions should also be noted in the draft HIG's
"What's New" chapter (hig-ch-whatsnew.xml); it sounds like this would


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