Re: [Usability] Default Save Location and Default Save Filetype in

On 23 Dec, 2005, at 10:30 AM, Christian Neumair wrote:
I've asked Gian to bring this up on the usability mailing list, because I think there should be a policy, or at least discussions on default save locations.

I suggest going through this list, using the next item if the previous doesn't exist or isn't applicable:
1.  the folder and name where the current file is already saved
2.  the folder which was last used for this operation
3.  a folder intended for this kind of file (e.g. ~/Music/)
4.  ~/
5.  /.

This can all be done most consistently by a sufficiently-enlightened filepicker, where enlightenment is provided by the program in the form of hints about #1 and #3. (The filepicker can work out #2 by the combination of program name and dialog title.)

Matthew Paul Thomas

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