Re: [Usability] Better look Re: (no subject)

Hey Guys, Hey Josue

On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 14:13 +0000, Josue Farde wrote:
> ok but don't u agree that it passed long since last change and it needs
> urgent action?

Actually the it's not long since the default look was switched to
clearlooks. It was a great step forward in my opinion, although I am of
course still using my eXperience theme.

> I mean that we can discuss the matter, but it was u that said that there
> was a need for people that want 2 do something... i can get on the
> graphics but i have no knowledge of programing or putting them in the
> right place....

It's actually not that hard. Take a look at eXperience -- there's a
script my brother did so that I wouldn't have to learn and type all the

> there's where i need help, i also can do something that i like but that
> doesn't mean that everybody will like so i need help to know what people
> like and what appeals to them.. i'm in portugal here people like
> diferent things then in america or england... do u understand me?

The nice thing is, that there are many themes available. Everybody can
chose the one he/she likes. However: While I don't think, that we need a
radical change of the default gtk-theme for now (before translucent
items can be used, we need to change but I do agree, that there
should be a change in the icons, because as you said in your first
posting, the look very dull.
I think that Tango has a good approach with their colour palette, but
fails with actually getting away from the boring style of the current
icons (no affront, Jimmac, I just don't like them that much).

Anyways... that's just my two Cent. I enjoy using Gnome and I enjoy
changing Gnome.


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