Re: [Usability] Nautilus Actions : Usability issue,

Kalle Vahlman wrote:

2005/12/7, Frederic Ruaudel <ruaudel embl-grenoble fr>:
I've received several request for a usability issue concerning the fact
that the configuration dialogs don't fit in a 800x600 screen with the
current layout. I've prepared two solutions to rearraged the layout, and
I would like your comments about them.

The parameters legend in the "Action" tab is very noisy-looking, I
think they could be behind an expander and just have the example
(which btw seems misplaced under the parameters entry as it contains
no parameters) include the most used one (%u I'd think).

Maybe I should keep the 'Legend' button as now. It was just to fill the empty gap that seems to me not very nice as in the "Nautilus Menu Item" tab. For the example string, it changes depending of the Path, Parameters and some of the settings of the "Appearance Conditions" tab. The screenshot is a bad example as there is no parameter for this config.

Otherwise making dialogs fit better to 800x600 rocks (I have that on
my laptop so I care), so my hat is off for anyone doing such work!



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