Re: [Usability] Nautilus Actions : Usability issue, request for comments

2005/12/7, Frederic Ruaudel <ruaudel embl-grenoble fr>:
> I've received several request for a usability issue concerning the fact
> that the configuration dialogs don't fit in a 800x600 screen with the
> current layout. I've prepared two solutions to rearraged the layout, and
> I would like your comments about them.

The parameters legend in the "Action" tab is very noisy-looking, I
think they could be behind an expander and just have the example
(which btw seems misplaced under the parameters entry as it contains
no parameters) include the most used one (%u I'd think).

Otherwise making dialogs fit better to 800x600 rocks (I have that on
my laptop so I care), so my hat is off for anyone doing such work!

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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