[Usability] Nautilus Actions : Usability issue, request for comments

Dear all,

   I'm maintaining a Nautilus extension, named Nautilus-actions, which
allow to add arbitrary programs to launch through the Nautilus popup
menu of selected files.[1]

I've received several request for a usability issue concerning the fact
that the configuration dialogs don't fit in a 800x600 screen with the
current layout. I've prepared two solutions to rearraged the layout, and
I would like your comments about them.

Feel free to go and visit the presentation page [2] to see the
screenshots and some more detailed informations about it.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Best Regards,


[1] http://www.grumz.net/taxonomy/term/4/9
[2] http://www.grumz.net/node/147

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