Re: [Usability] The new shrinked/expanded save as dialog

On Sun, 4 Dec 2005, BJörn Lindqvist wrote:

I realise that the rationale behind the dialog is that "most people"
just throw their stuff on their Desktop directory. It may be true, but
for other users that like to organise their files, the extra click
required to expand the save as-dialog is irritating.

And a sure slow down.

The main assumption behind the dialogs design is that the convenience
of a simplified save as-dialog is greater than the pain infliced from
it. That assumption is not true for me as I like to store files
hiarchially. I have no idea if there are other uses that feel the same
or if I'm alone on this.

Nope, I feel exactly the same.

I would like to ask that the design be
reevaluated. My arguments for why an always expanded save-as dialog

1. No extra click if you want to select directory.
2. Simpler design - dialogs that change state may be unexpected.
3. Mirrors "Open file"
4. For users that throw stuff on the desktop, the only advantage of a
shrinked dialog is that it displays less information than an expanded
one. And that is not enough of an advantage.

I fully agree on all points. In particular, the supposed advantage in simplicity (with the current choice) is completely wasted by the state change you allude to in point 2.



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