Re: [Usability] The new file chooser

Sitat Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk>:

> > Someone told me that I can use Ctrl+L to trigger YET a file chooser, where
> > I can paste and type - it has an editor field.

> Exactly, so what is the point of your argument?
> If you have to type something in anyhow then there's no big deal having
> to use Ctrl+L to initiate it and its actually faster than focusing a
> text widget in the dialog with the mouse and then hitting Ctrl+C.

For various reasons I have a problem using the keyboard from time to time.
I mainly use the pointing device. It slows me down considerably to be forced to
use the keyboard in order to later be able to use the mouse to paste or copy.

> > Now.. I am - to say it midly - very disappointed by this new interface.
> > It hampers my workflow severely. Not even Microsoft has made a file
> interface
> > that clunky. The new Gtk filechoose is a giant step backwards,
> > as I see it. So I find myself - for the first time since I installed Linux
> 5
> > years ago - using Windows lately.
> Actually its a step forward in terms of usability. Extra stuff fit only
> for more advanced users is very nicely hidden away thereby making the
> dialog simpler and easier to use for non-experts.

Advanced users / power-users are users who like to get things done quickly.
If the hidden text widget interface is made for "advanced users", then it's an
insult to advanced users.The way its designed - the fact that it's hidden - is
bound to slow down any workflow. The ability to type into a file widget enables
speedyer file handling. That should not be a hidden interface - it should - on
the contrary - be encuraged.

> > I would like to know if there are plans to improve the current filechooser
> > basically by re-incorporating a text widget into it.
> That would be counter productive.

No, it would not. Ease of use is not counter productive.

> > If not, I see myself forced away from using Linux.
> Well you can always mosey on down to using KDE where you can have a
> zillion and one buttons and widgets all over the place if thats what you
> want. GNOME can be summed up as "Less = More" and it just happens to
> work too :).

My alternative isn't another Linux UI. I already use KDE. As I said, Mozilla and
Gimp are my most used apps and they both have introduced the new filepicker.
Since it is so severly unusable to me, the alternative is actually MS-Windows,
which has a very good widget for file-handling in spite of its other

I really never thought it would come to this, but after 5 years, I'm back on
Windows. That's sad. To myself in particular, but also because I know that new
Gtk filepicker UI will keep away other potential users. It's confusing, poorly
documented, and takes more time to use than the old one. The "bookmark" idea is
great but the lack of a text-widget is a disaster - sorry.


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