Re: [Usability] Changing the taskbar semantics

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 11:00, Julien Olivier wrote:
> > Or are you suggesting that, in general, the taskbar should take the hints
> > into account? With what logic exactly?
> Yes, my suggestion is that window hints are here for a reason. Document
> window should appear in the taskbar, and utility windows shouldn't.

You are right, that is a better solution. If you use window hints, there is no 
need to check for overlapping windows.

> GNOME's taskbar already handles that very well.

Yes, I noticed if you change the gimp settings to make the toolbox and the 
docks "utility windows", they don't appear in the taskbar, but when you click 
on a document they are brought on top as well.

> Now, application 
> developers should make better use of window hints... and users should
> file bugs about window hints to application developers.

Absolutely right :-)

Maurizio Colucci

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