Re: [Usability] Changing the taskbar semantics

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 10:35, Julien Olivier wrote:
> (snip)
> > What about it?
> Actually, what you propose is already doable by setting a preference in
> Go to File -> Preferences -> Window Management -> Window Type Hints
> Here, change "Window Type Hint for the Toolbox" from "Normal Window" to
> "Utility Window". And do the same for "Window Type Hint for the Docks".
> Now, restart GIMP, and voilà !
> >From now on, you will only see pictures (instances) in the taskbar, not
> the toolbox and the docks.
> Isn't it what you suggested ?
> Maybe you should ask GIMP developers to default to this behaviour ?

This is good news, but it only solved the problem for gimp. (I was hoping for 
a general way to take always the right decision automatically :-))

Or are you suggesting that, in general, the taskbar should take the hints into 
account? With what logic exactly?

Maurizio Colucci

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