[Usability] Mac-style menus?

Has anyone attempted to implement Mac-style menus - that is, a global menu bar (in a panel) that contains the menus for the frontmost app or window?

There are several usability advantages (some well-described in an asktog.com article I can't seem to find):

- Fitts' Law states that the time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to it and its size. By putting menus along one edge of the screen we effectively increase their size in one dimension to infinity. In more mundane terms, we eliminate a lot of mousing around necessary when someone overshoots the menus - only the direction to them has to be right, not the distance.

- Once one is accustomed to the Mac menu bar, it provides some nice context for the current app regardless of what windows are open. In the case of something like Firefox this doesn't matter all that much. But for a multi-window app like the GIMP it could be nice: Users won't have to guess which window's menus to go to, or which window to close to close the app (in essence, which is the "master" window). The master window's menus would be in the panel, including a global Quit function.

I imagine this couldn't be done perfectly, but that a window manager could pull the menus out of their windows and dump them in a panel. Has anyone tried this?


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