[Usability] Re: Nautilus Toolbar customization

From: 	david sipsolutions net
To: 	Super Donkey <smurf_www xs4all nl> Subject: 	Re: [Usability] Nautilus
Toolbar customization Date: 	Thu, 14 Oct 2004 01:07:51 -0000 (UTC)  (03:07

>> I would like to able to customize the toolbar when in browser mode.
>> 1. The customization should work like firefox's.

>true, somewhat, but I think there should be a gtk customizer rather than
>application specific approaches.

Well an application can't wait until the GTK guys figure it out.

>> 2. Remove the grippers of the toolbars

>It's in Gnome settings... Menu and toolbars, either you enable the
>or you don't. It does make sense to have it as a global setting imho.

It does? I hope I don't have to dig into gconf to change this setting.
Because I haven't seen it.

>> 3. Address bar should be a combo box instead of a text field and have
>> memory.

>it maybe should be a combo *entry* for the history, but you want to be
>able to enter URIs after all.p

Using an editable combo box doesn't change what Nautilus can do now. Just
look at the WWW browsers. All editable combo boxes for URL's.


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