[Usability] Gnome Main Menu and Gnome Controllcenter

Hi usability folks,

These things may have been discussed before, but iirc not while I've been
on this list.
Since my laptop is being repaired right now, I'm using a friends laptop
with suse, kde installed. So while I feel that the gnome interface is just
cleaner (kde is so cluttered and well, I don't know) There are at least
two things I would like to see in Gnome:

1. An easy possibility to change the Main Menu. Either as a menueditor, or
via drag and drop or, well, both.

2. A central controllcenter application including the gnome center as is
and, as advanced options, the gconfig editor. This controll center schould
have a treeview to chose what to change on the left hand (just like gaim
oder galeon prefs) and envoke the programs (as they are) in a notebook on
the right side.

What do you think and what why doesn't gnome have these things?


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