Re: [Usability] Efficient navigation in nautilus

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 01:27:47AM +0200, Christian Schneider wrote:

> The first thing is an up button. While you can go down the path without 
> opening many windows by clicking with the middle key there is no way to 
> go up again and still stay with one window.

Middle click works the same way in the status bar menu. Didn't know about 
this before, just thought it could be and tested it!

> The second thing is the quick location entry. You can open a location 
> input field by typing Ctrl-L. It even supports tab completion. But 
> compared with the bash shell tab completion that is not enough. If there 
> are several paths that start with the same part you are stuck if you 
> donīt exactly know the name.
> My idea to solve the problem is to open a simple input field in the 
> lower left corner when Ctrl-L is pressed. It could even stay there 
> permanently. When you type a path the matching folder windows could 
> open. If you type tab and there is only one matching path it will be 
> opened like before. If there are several possibilities the folder window 
> could show the possible completions. Then you can go on typing or click 
> the folder or file. So we have the graphical appearence of spatial 
> browsing and the speed and features of bash tab completion.

There's no tab completion, because tab is used for widget focus navigation.
The only possibilty to help the user when there are several possible 
completions I can think of, is showing a list below the inputfield, just 
like Epiphany does. But for not making the buttons inaccessible, it should 
not be a dropdown. Instead there could always be about 3 lines space below 
the path input.

Thorsten Wilms

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