Re: [Usability] Getting rid of Open and Save entirely?

On Sat, Jan 10, 2004 at 11:35:38AM +0000, Alan Horkan wrote:
> There is so much talk about using a Filemanager instead of FOSA (File Open
> Save As) Dialogs I must ask has anyone done it yet?

I don't believe I ever opened a FOSA dialog on OS/2 until 2000-something
when I reinstalled it on old hardware and went looking for it.  I would
surely have remembered something as ugly as the one it had.

I did have to save in the apps that ran in Window-emulation, but that was
just an occassional Ctrl+S.  Of course, I remember because of the times
I didn't. :-)


P.S. - In case somebody asks, I quit using it when I quit using a personal
       computer. On the rare occassion when I needed one, I used a campus
       or apartment lab computer.  When I eventually needed a personal
       computer again, times were very different.

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