Re: [Usability] Suggestion for the actual UI of GTK+'s New FileSelector

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Paul Thompson wrote:

> Steven Garrity wrote:
> > The button-clickable path navigation is VERY interesting. This is really
> > powerful. However, it's something that should maybe be a GTK widget - so
> > it could be used elsewhere. Also, careful thought would have to go into
> > dealing with really long paths.
> I agree completely about the clickable paths being a good thing. The
> button look of these in these:
> ...mockups bothered me a bit. An idea that occurred to me was to use
> something that looked like links on a webpage for this. Something like:
>    / tigert / My Documents / Photographs
> ...where the initial slash, and than each of the three directories was
> something like an underlined link.

I agree that something that looks more like a single widget would
be better.   BTW, the idea has been out there for a few years in
websites.  Perhaps everyone has seen it this way:

   tigert > My Documents > Photographs

I'm wondering how late someone discovered they can be used in
dekstop too!

A typical choice is to put a search box after the last piece of
path that would search/autocomplete for directories here ;).
Forest of widgets!


> I don't know, perhaps this is a bad idea - I just wanted to toss it out
> there. Also, I wanted to voice my opinion about how great "Suggestion
> X4" in the above mockup looks. I think the usability of it would be great.

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