Re: [Usability] Grouping Windows: Sticky Windows

On Sun, 04 Apr 2004 18:41:08 -0600
Ryan McDougall <ryan mcdougall telusplanet net> wrote:

> This would basically work just like XMMS: when windows are dragged
> near each other, they snap together like magnets so when you move one,
> you move the whole as a group. The only non intuitive part is a notion
> of"root" or "parent" sticky window, so moving the parent moves all of
> them, and moving the child detaches it. Alternatively, stickiness
> could a metacity menu command, with a corresponding "unstick" command
> to detach child windows.

Please come up with a different word, since "stick" is already taken
(making a window appear to be stuck on the screen rather than on the

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