[Usability] Main Menu icon


There is a discussion on fedora list about new menu icon, somebody
suggested "replacing it with the "favicon" that is present on the
fedora.redhat.com website"

How about replacing it with a graphic that suggest there's a menu there?
People coming from Windows are used to start by pressing Start, now they
have to press on a hat, very intuitive.

Most usable I could find is
but should be something better, made specially for the main menu.

Havoc replied:

GNOME 2.4 now supports a non-square thing there; ideally I believe it
would be simply text (perhaps saying "Main Menu") plus maybe an arrow
drawn by the theme engine and/or an icon of some kind.

Though I don't think KDE supports a rectangle with text so it introduces
a consistency problem if we do that. Also if using a rectangle we'd
probably want the half-height panel.


Marius Andreiana
LOAD - Linux Open Alternative Days
Specialist Linux, Co-organizator

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