Re: [Usability] Some interesting user feedback

Hello, all.  I am new to the list and was going to lurk for a while, but
it seems like such a lively discussion...

I am onboard with Dan's analysis.  In summary:
1) Move nitty-gritty details to less prominent place, e.g., seperate tab
2) Encourage user to submit report
3) Long term goal of integration with some sort of update tool

As far as the exact message goes, I think that the Open Source world has a
legacy of being sassy that we shouldn't leave by the wayside.  I think
something like:
     The application "$APPNAME" has crashed.

     Please help us to help you by submitting a bug report to
     the developers.  Click "Send Bug Report" to enter the the
     Bug Reporting Assistant, or click "Don't Send" to exit
     without further action.

And, by the way, I prefer to think of the little men in the computers as
red daemons ;-)

Todd R. Burzynski
todd savvyfox com
Are you a Savvy Fox?

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