Re: [Usability] rubberbanding in gtktreeview

> > I'm talking about gtktrees, so it's either list or tree. What kind of
> > apps have you tried? Don't say outlook ;)
> > I recommend that you play around with the RB model a bit more on your
> > win box.
> >
> Ah. Windows Explorer got you confused. 

Listen Carlos i had enough of your derogatory statements.

> List View in WE is just like Icon  
> view. It's a table. In WE Details view is a list view but it's a very stupid  
> list and doesn't work like you described. It works by making the file names  
> sensitive and *everything* else insensitive which means you don't select rows  
> or cells, you select an arbitrary piece of screen around a label.

An object. (if you cared to read my previous mails)

> That is definitly NOT the way a list should work and it's 100% unsuitable for  
> a number of apps. 

You are 100% unsuitable for this discussion. 

> And proof is Outlook (yes, outlook!) doesn't use the same  
> widget - it just *doesn't work.

Yes, outlook!

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