Re: [Usability] Drag handles for dialogs and other windows

Hi Alan,

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:

> In most cases I think I know to hover over the window edge until the
> cursor changes or I use Maximise.
> The grippies do aid discoverability but only a little, i think the notion
> of resizing a window is non-obvious to newbies.


> > I'm all for resizability- but only if it makes sense! Let's put solid
> > design on the first place.
> Only if it makes sense! Aargh, Grrr!
> My point is that it never makes sense to prevent resizing.

Genuine question: doesn't resizability imply the presence of a Maximize
button? Say you've got a simple OK/Cancel dialog and the user accidentally
presses Maximize. Panic, the whole screen turns gray?

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