Re: [Usability] Re: [Gphpedit-devel] Pre 0.4.0 release almost ready

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 15:39, Shaun McCance wrote:
> >   What do you think about <Alt>+<Left> to folde and <Alt>+<Right> to
> > unfolde?
> >From the HIG:
> "Do not use any of the standard shortcut keys listed in the section
> called ´Standard Application Shortcut KeysĄ for your own purposes, even
> if your application doesn't support those functions. This helps
> reinforce consistency between all GNOME applications."
> Table 10.9 lists Alt-Left and Alt-Right as Back and Next, respectively. 
> And wrt Andy's Shift suggestion, though not in the HIG, Metacity does
> currently use Shift-Alt-(Left|Right|Up|Down) for moving windows between
> workspaces.
> How about Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-]?  Or would those be bad for non-US
> keyboards?  Are separate keybindings necessary, or would a single
> 'Toggle Folded State' shortcut work?

It would work, but we also really need a shortcut for Fold/Unfold all.


Andy Jeffries
Lead Developer

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