Re: [Usability] Foobar Menu Layout

On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 10:49, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > I stand corrected. I'll rephrase as 'The menu panel applet, as it stands
> > in my build from earlier this week, does not open folders when the
> > cursor is fully to the left of the screen.' :)
> 	If you're talking about the Menu Bar[1] ... i.e. Add To Panel/Menu Bar
> and not Add To Panel/Utilities/Panel Menu ... then its a bug I
> definitely want to know about, because it works for me here.

Yeah, menu bar. Move cursor to upper left, click. [Menu drops down here,
as it should, in both XD2 and GNOME HEAD.] Slide cursor directly down,
no menus come out (in both XD2 and HEAD.) Move cursor even the slightest
bit to the right (both XD2 and HEAD)- menu comes out.


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